Summer hair repair

Do you remember your favourite pair of jeans? They were washed and worn so many times that in the end they had to be retired, a faded deteriorated piece of denim not even fit for the op-shop. If Denim, an extremely hardy woven cotton fabric can’t withstand the  Australian summer, how do you think your hair copes? 

We forget that we wear our hair every day and it’s exposed to the same environmental 

elements of the sun, wind and water. So what happens to our hair with constant exposure to the elements you may wonder? The cuticle, the hard outer layer of each hair strand is formed from overlapping layers of hard keratin protein. I like to think of it like a tiled roof, when in good repair this roof provides comfort and protection from the environment, but when the tiles are damaged you are at the mercy of mother nature. Not such a nice scenario. So when the hairs protective cuticle layer is compromised this causes the hair to lose moisture and dry out, feeling brittle and looking dull, it weakens the internal structure allowing the hair to split and break leading to loss of volume and length, and to lose colour for a faded often brassy result. 

How do we repair our tresses and get them ready for the next summer‘s onslaught? I recommend you begin with a professional salon treatment, as these can be up to 70% more intensive than a homecare product and can be specifically prescribed for your individual needs. These treatments can target moisture loss and rebuild the internal structure of the hair producing instant results you can see and feel. Look for options that are quick to include with your next cut or blow-dry if you are time poor, or make an investment in yourself and have a HairSpa treatment which can address the needs of the scalp as well as the hair and includes a spa experience to repair the soul as well. 

The right education in the care of your crowning glory is the next step to achieving and maintaining your goals. Being prescribed the right cleansing and conditioning products to suit your hair type, texture and lifestyle is utmost, as well as maintaining a program of professional care, incorporating regular haircuts to suit your time and budget. 

By the time summer is upon us again your hair should be in peak condition, so the final step to maintaining all the good work you’ve done is to use a sunscreen. Yes, for your hair! We are all conditioned to use protection for the health of our skin but our hair needs this protection as well. The easiest option is to change your shampoo and conditioner to a product that contains a UV filter and there are naturally derived versions available. Leave in conditioners that are applied before styling products that have protective properties back up your cleansing and conditioning, and finally a spray on sunscreen over your completed style will seal the deal. 

Remember, your hair is a natural fibre and a very precious asset that deserves the best of care. You can always buy another pair of jeans! 

Stuart Cloake